SJM Partners, Inc., was specifically retained by the New York/New Jersey Port Authority to redevelop the George Washington Bridge Bus Station. The redevelopment will include relocating the bus station to the third floor of the complex and will create a state-of-the-art ground transportation hub. A new terminal of 15,000 sf will be built and 85,000 sf of the bus station will be reconfigured and upgraded to provide safe and efficient ingress and egress from the Terminal for commuters and vehicles. By relocating the bus station operations to the third floor of the complex, it allows the developer to create a retail center of approximately 129,000 sf spanning both sides of Broadway. The new shopping center will be anchored by a 28,000 sf Marhsall’s store, a 14,500 sf food store and a 15,000 sf health club facility. The estimated completion date is 2015.